Innovation Smart District

Innovation Smart District is a Free Zone of the Intelligence located in Panama and dedicated to innovation at all levels. It is designed and conceived for the establishment of multinational companies with global repercussions dedicated to research, development and innovation. From the ISD it will be possible to create, coordinate, direct and manage products and projects from all over the world.

The project has a size of 129,872 m2 and consists of the development of high- rise, ecological and high-tech buildings surrounded by nature that will attract companies and human capital to live in a safe country, with economic growth, political stability, good infrastructure and spectacular scenery.

Where is it located? 

The ISD is located inside Green Valley Panama, the first Smart City in Latin America. It is a project built with the best infrastructures in an unbeatable natural environment. It has urban planning designed for pedestrians and gives priority to sustainability.

Both projects are located in Panama Norte, the expansion area of Panama City. Through the Vía Panamá Norte and the Corredor Norte, they connect with the city center, the banking area and the Tocumen international airport, just 10 minutes away.

These qualities make Green Valley the ideal place for the first Innovation Free Zone in Panama.

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Panama is located exactly in the center of the American continent; it is one of the best kept secrets. It is known for its canal, for being a financial center and for its air hub, but few know that it is an incredible place to live. The beaches of Panama have nothing to envy to those of Punta Cana and its vegetation is as lush as the Amazon.

Many multinational companies and world organizations have their headquarters in Panama, but there is still a lot of room for growth. The Panamanian economy is dollarized and the GDP went from 12 billion in 2000 to 63 billion in 2021.