Innovation Smart District

The universe of intelligence

Innovation Smart District is a Free Zone of the Intelligence located in Panama and dedicated to innovation at all levels. It is designed and conceived for the establishment of multinational companies with global repercussions dedicated to research, development and innovation. From the ISD it will be possible to create, coordinate, direct and manage products and projects from all over the world.

How to invest in the ISD?

Buy or rent your space

The ISD consists of the development of the infrastructures of a globe of land of approximately 13 hectares and the construction of modern, ecological and intelligent high-rise office buildings for companies dedicated to research, innovation and development.

In addition, housing, coworking spaces, universities, shops and all complementary services will be built to make the ISD the ideal place to live and work. 

Soon we will have offices and apartments available for sale and rent.

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ISD Token


We have tokenized the Innovation Smart District (ISD) using blockchain technology that allows us to raise capital in an innovative way for the construction and creation of the ISD.

We have created a total of 1,000,000,000 security tokens that are backed by the land the ISD is located on and their assets.

You can now be part of the project by buying your ISD token. You will have access to its revaluation, distribution of dividends and much more!


Tokenization allows us to transform a tangible real-world asset into a digital asset whose representation is safeguarded by blockchain technology.

ISD tokenization allows traceability of the tokenized asset, increases transparency and security. It opens the doors to new work structures, reduces process redundancy and ends up offering greater control, privacy and security to investors.