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Innovation Smart District

The universe of intelligence

Explora las oportunidades en el Silicon Valley panameño y aprovecha los beneficios del ISD Token.

Discover Innovation Smart District, the leading Innovation Free Zone in Panama. Our vision is to become the epicenter for multinational companies and leading startups in research, development, and innovation, attracted by low taxes and the country's stability. By acquiring ISD Token, you will become part of our global community and enjoy investment benefits.

Panama represents economic growth, security, political stability, and a unique natural environment, making it the ideal place for businesses and talent. At ISD, we drive and manage global projects and products, providing cutting-edge infrastructure and advanced services that foster collaboration and knowledge exchange among startups, companies, and researchers from around the world.

Join us at Innovation Smart District and be part of the Universe of Intelligence!

¿Cómo comprar ISD Token?

A token backed by real assets

Join ISD and gain access to its appreciation, dividend distribution, and much more! Thanks to asset tokenization, you can now be part of Innovation Smart District (ISD) and enjoy its benefits.

Using blockchain technology, we have tokenized ISD, providing a secure and transparent way to raise capital for its construction and development.

We have created a total of 1,000,000,000 tokens backed by all ISD assets, including the valuable land it is located on, the buildings that will be constructed, and the stake in companies and startups operating within the Universe of Intelligence. Don't miss the opportunity to acquire your ISD Token!

Blockchain network: Ethereum
Standard: ERC-20
Contract number: 0x147b7526A66C9188ae97715dA3299691Db2Da2B4

If you are an ISD holder you will also be entitled to benefits and discounts on our partners' products with the Membership Token.

Business Model

ISD owns over 129,000 m2 of land with a Free Zone license offering fiscal and migratory benefits. Leveraging Panama's excellent infrastructure and construction zoning, ISD will be responsible for the construction and management of a modern, intelligent, and eco-friendly complex that will house research centers, laboratories, offices, apartments, and commercial spaces, becoming the Silicon Valley of Panama.

The ISD Token will be backed by all these assets, and 70% of the dividends generated by ISD will be distributed among all token holders. Our company will earn dividends from both the sale and rental of spaces to companies and startups, as well as from the participation in technology and innovation companies operating within our facilities.

Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this exciting project from the very beginning.

Meet the Team

Carlos Malo de Molina


Carola Malo de Molina


Carmelo Castro


Guillermo Malo de Molina


Carlos Rubio


Andrés Felipe Guzmán

Blockchain Technology Advisor

Jaime Ventura


Diego Mohme