ISD Token


You can invest and belong to the ISD through the purchase of its security token (ISD Token) with minimum investments accessible to anyone.

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The ISD token is based on a real asset: land with property title and infrastructure of the highest level where an innovation and technology project will be created.

A multinational real estate services company with presence in more than 100 countries, has assessed the land for the Innovation Smart District at  $115,879,591 , what is equivalent to a valuation of 0.115879591 for each ISD Token.

Ethereum blockchain technology is used to generate the greatest security and the sale is made through a smart contract.

The token holders will be able to benefit both from the distribution of present and future economic returns and from the capitalization of the company.

The rights and duties of both the issuer and the token holders are in the whitepaper and in the association contract for the investment that has been made public and can be consulted at the following link here.

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Raising capital in an innovative way for the construction and creation of the ISD

Creation of a token based on a real, physical asset with increasing value

Attract companies from all over the world dedicated to research, development and innovation

Financing for development and agreements for services and company products

Design and execution of international marketing campaign

Strengthen our community of current and potential customers

Dynamize and gamify the interaction with the platform


  • Discount on the rental of any ISD space
  • Access to the first rounds of financing for start - ups that settle in the ISD 
  • Pay for all services within the ISD with ISD Token
  • Participation in the open voting processes of the community where the names of the buildings, the parks...
  • Participation in ISD selection processes 
  • Access to ISD Events
  • Discounts to enjoy amenities within Green Valley