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ISD Token


ISD TOKEN - A security token backed by a real asset

Invest in ISD and join by acquiring ISD Token, with affordable investments for everyone! ISD owns over 129,000 m2 of land with a Free Zone license offering fiscal and migratory benefits. Leveraging Panama's excellent infrastructure and construction zoning, ISD will be responsible for the construction and management of a modern, intelligent, and eco-friendly complex that will house research centers, laboratories, offices, apartments, and commercial spaces, becoming the Silicon Valley of Panama.

The ISD Token will be backed by all these assets, and 70% of the dividends generated by ISD will be distributed among all token holders. Our company will earn dividends from both the sale and rental of spaces to companies and startups, as well as from the participation in technology and innovation companies operating within our facilities.

Initial valuation of ISD

A prestigious multinational comprehensive real estate services company, present in over 100 countries, has valued the ISD lands at $115,879,591. Additionally, the token issuer has committed a $56M investment, which places the current value of ISD above $171M, resulting in a token value of $0.17. Take advantage of this opportunity as the token sale price is below its appraisal value. This is just the beginning, and the token value will grow with the asset's growth and dividend distribution.

All rights and obligations of the issuer and token holders are detailed in the whitepaper and the investment partnership agreement, which have been made public.

To view the investment partnership agreement, click here.

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  • Discount on the rental of any ISD space
  • Access to the first rounds of financing for start - ups that settle in the ISD 
  • Pay for all services within the ISD with ISD Token
  • Participation in the open voting processes of the community where the names of the buildings, the parks...
  • Participation in ISD selection processes 
  • Access to ISD Events
  • Discounts to enjoy amenities within Green Valley