Innovation Smart District » Política de privacidad y protección de datos personales

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In accordance with Law No. 81 of March 26, 2019, regulated by Executive Decree No. 285 of May 28, 2021, which establishes mandatory guidelines for the Protection of Personal Data, the data provided - voluntarily provided by the buyer - as of this token purchase will be incorporated into the company's Database, which will be processed exclusively for the purpose of storing and preserving the purchase.

Personal data will be treated with the appropriate level of protection, taking the necessary security measures to prevent their alteration, loss, treatment, or unauthorized access by third parties.

Zona Franca de la Innovación S.A. and Smart City Green, S.A. are obliged to use the data to which the purchaser gives access only and exclusively for the authorized purposes and to keep secret all personal data known to them and to which they have access.

In the event that a user or buyer wishes to eliminate the registered data, he/she may request it to Zona Franca de la Innovación S.A. at and the same is obliged to eliminate them.